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Updated at October 13th, 2020

Knowledge Transfer  process , The person giving KT is accountable and RM and HR team responsible to make sure this complete properly

  1. Create KT plan following is key objective, This should be minimum 30 days and 2 hours daily
    1. Make resource ready and 10 days
    2. Assign new task on next 10 days and make sure he complete
    3. Make sure new person know each everything about application from start to deployments
  2. Make sure plan is good and person able to understand
  3. Make sure create Job details with technology details and share to hire a resource if no resource this takes time 1-3 months.
  4. Make sure if new resource not able to deliver the new task 

Each project require different plan but below common thinks which be included other then specific to project


  • KT plan common task
    • Application Setup
    • Shared all docs and credentials 
    • Shared server and details
    • Code walkthrough
    • Code Setup on dev environment setup
    • Function Demo
    • Application ley features list and function demo
    • Application ley features list and code walk through
    • Application in details 
    • Postman and script
    • All API details
    • Database details and tables information
    • Test cases 
    • Assignment : Give some API to complete the task
    • Frontend application demo
    • Code walkthrough of frontend
    • Teamwork/Jira and tasks
    • Wireframe and docs of application
    • Git Process and commit process
    • Environment and configuration
    • Make sure record meeting in case of Remote and upload on skype and Kaka knwodgebase 
  • Documentation
    • Update postman and shared details 
    • Updated setup doc and details
      • Create setup document for local/ IF already created shared 
      • Crated setup document for server
      • Document must follow Heaptrace template
    • Update all documents plan on Keka under project


Below is link to start

KT Process 

  1. Kt plan submit
  2. Job plan details 
  3. Ne resource Hire 
  4. Assignee New resource
  5. Send daily update to RM and HR team for KT update -  Most Important
  6. Take Sign off from new resource after KT given
  7. Take Signature from RM
  8. Weekly meeting with RM and update status
  9. Final meeting with RM after completion for approval
  10. Final meeting with HR 
  11. KT Feedback from RM 
  12. KT feedback from New resource 
  13. KT feedback from client in case RM required 
  14. Send Final Report

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