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Updated at April 17th, 2020

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Hi All

Below is action item we discussed on 

Attendees - Omkar, Shubham, Harshad, Feroz, Pratik and Gauri
We discussed today the sprint plan and also tracked the tasks in progress and the tasks ToDo, Along with the team work defect sheet where we marked the tasks that are done as fixed and the ones which need testing. We also discussed about delivering the Deployment document.

Action Items
@Shubhaml . 
1. Make changes in the deployment document according to the comments which Amol sir has posted in the document.
2. Provide the document to Manoj and make sure that the steps execute smoothly
3. Please take help from Amol sir if facing any technical challenges
4. Work on the conditional question backend tasks,

@Pratik Mogal 
1. Work on the conditional questions inside the conditional questions tasks.
2. Take help from Shubham to integrate the UI with backend
3. Fix all the issues that are assigned to you on Teamworks.

@Harshad Pawar 
1. Work on the the Responsiveness of Our Practice, why mattersmith etc
2. Work on any other project if you help is needed.

@Ferozm . 
1. Work on Add dropdown to select the group
2. Work on Add Edit and delete group buttons
3. Unit testing of the new UI

@Omkar Doutulwar 
1. Make changes in the Conditional question wireframe
2. UAT on the Precedents tool
3. Lock all the issues that are found in UAT
4. Send the deployment document to Mythic
5. Communicate with all other client and provide them the task update.



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